Holy Matrimony

vancouver-wedding-photographer-funkytown-04-ceremonyMarriage (also matrimony) is one of the holy mysteries or sacraments in the Orthodox Church, as well as many other Christian traditions. It serves to unite a woman and a man in eternal union before God with the purpose of following Christ and His Gospel and raising up a faithful, holy family through their holy union. It is referred to extensively in both the Old and New Testaments. Christ declared the essential indissolvibility of marriage in the Gospel.

If you are engaged or know someone who is engaged and are planning to celebrated a marriage at St. George, please be informed that there are a series of Marriage classes. This class is seen as your first step for planning your wedding.  In this class we will look at the many various aspects of marriage. We will discuss the sacrament of marriage, the practical issues of marriage and married life, and the requirements of St. George’s Church and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese for marriage.