Dear St. George Parishioners and Friends of St. George:

You can now make electronic payments for stewardship, flowers, candles, memorials, or anything else you wish to make a contribution to and it will be tracked to your St. George account.  Please click on the lick below:


St. George Stewardship Program:

thCAPO4MBSThe Greek Orthodox Church of St. George is a very active parish and is blessed with the facilities to carry out the ministries of our Lord and to serve the parishioners under the spiritual direction of our Priest Fr. Zissis Lappas.  We have a social hall and classrooms to provide for the programs of our church.  Our new expanded parking facility allows for additional space for our faithful.

The St. George Stewardship Program supports the Christian practice of regular giving of time, talent, and treasure to the church.  Stewards are encouraged to contribute their time and talents by volunteering in the numerous community and ministry programs that are supported by St. George.  Parish families are also expected to pledge a proportion of their financial treasures towards the church and its ministries by participating in the annual pledge drive.

What does it mean to be a Steward?

stewardA Steward, according to the Bible, is one who manages the gifts entrusted to him for the perpetuation of the Lords’ work. Our money and possessions are not ours, but on loan.  When we give to the Church, we return to God, the Owner, His rightful portion.  The more we are given, the more will be given, the more will be expected of us.  “Those to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Orthodox Christians, who wish to become parishioners in good standing, may become Stewards of St. George by calling the church office for information and making a Stewardship Commitment for the current year.

A True Stewardship Parish:

St. George is striving to become a Self-supporting Parish through Stewardship…meaning that the church’s budgetary needs are met 100% through Stewardship donations.

  • All Financial and outreach needs are met through stewardship contributions.
  • All religious education and Sunday school classes are provided without fees.
  • Money raised by festivals and other major fund raising events are used for expanded philanthropic efforts and to support community expansion – not relied on to support operations.

Matching Gifts Program:

Please contact your employer’s Benefit Office to determine whether they provide matching contribution benefits and take advantage of this program by naming St. George as the beneficiary.

Why Pledge?

Stewardship pledges are critical to the activities and ongoing operation of our parish, and they are St. George’s central funding source.  Your stewardship contributions help support the following:

  • Religious Services, Sacraments and Counseling
  • Hospitalized, Home-bound Visitations and Prison Ministry
  • Sunday School and Adult Education
  • Outreach Programs – to assist those in need
  • Youth Programs of Fellowship, Athletics, and Service for all ages.
  • Religious, Cultural and Social Programs
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Housekeeping
  • Administrative Staff
  • Church Information, Website, Publications, Mailings
  • Archdiocese and Metropolis Ministries

Private and Confidential:

Your Stewardship commitment is kept in confidence.  Jesus taught us that giving should be done quietly, generously and out of the sight of others.  If you wish to revise your commitment during the year for any reason, you may notify Fr. Zissis Lappas, the church office or our Stewardship Chairperson, Drew Nayman of your intention.

How to Pledge:

Pledge cards are mailed to all parish members.  Pledge cards should be promptly completed and returned on Stewardship Sunday in the envelopes provided or mailed to the Stewardship Chairperson (Drew Nayman) in the self addressed envelope.

 How Much Should I give?

– one hour’s pay per week 

Our faithful rightly do not want to be told how much to give, but, everyone wants a guideline.  In order for the guideline to be fair and equitable, it must be proportional to one’s means.  If salaried, give to your church $5 per week for every $10,000 of income.


Primary   Salary

Suggested Contribution


$20   per week, $1,000 annually


$25   per week, $1,250 annually


$30   per week, $1,500 annually


$40   per week, $2,000 annually


$50   per week, $2,500 annually


$60   per week, $3,000 annually


$70   per week, $3,500 annually


$80   per week, $4,000 annually


$90   per week, $4,500 annually


$100 per week, $5,000 annually

Fullfilling your pledge:

Stewardship donations can be made via personal checks, credit card or electronic transfer and are typically made in full, in monthly or quarterly installments, and of course weekly offering at the Sunday Divine Liturgy.

St. George Greek Orthodox Church 30 East Forge Road Media, PA  19063    

Rev. Fr. Zissis Lappas 610-459-0366 office   610-361-7948 fax

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The Orthodox Way of Life 

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  “let us committ ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God”